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Wild Feather Flutes
The Story of my Lakota Heritage & Lineage
Here are bits and pieces of the first part of Jack's life before he came to Australia, what he had gone through.

He was in camp when Chief Sitting Bull was shot, he survived Wounded Knee and then left camp and travelled here, to Australia, to start his own adventures in Australia.   His life story I'm going to write soon... 'will be very interesting indeed.

Lets start with his mother, a full blood Lakota woman, born of the Lakota Sioux Nation.  She was in the group of Native Americans who traveled with Sitting Bull into Canada in the late 1860's.  She was either rapped or had an affair with a high ranking French military officer whose last name was "Wollard".  Once she started to show her pregnancy she was fired, terminated from her job."

She gave birth to twins, around 1878.   John, my great grand father and his 'shadow', brother Jack, or was that Jack and John, my guess is that being twins they looked alike so had fun with being each others name, also these may be the English name they chose after they left Canada, I'm not sure.

So she gave birth to twins, who had a French father, back in camp.  Then a short time later they travelled back to America with Sitting Bull.  The story goes she and the twins were sheltering in Sitting Bull's teepee or lodge.  Because she wasn't pure Lakota Sioux the tribe looked down on this and made it hard for them.
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She and her twins, I don't have their native names, left Canada with the Sioux Nation lead by Sitting Bull returning to the U.S, back to Standing Rock Reservation.  They,  Jack and John, were in camp the night Sitting Bull was shot by police, December 1890, they were 12 years old.

The Sioux Nation left Standing Rock headed for Pine Ridge Reservation when they encountered the U.S army at Wounded Knee creek. And everyone knows the result of that very sad, very tragic, chapter in the history of both peoples..

I believe that Jack, John and their mother were in the group of women and children saved by Swirling Bear the day of the Wounded Knee massacre.

They were then placed on the Pine Ridge Reservation with the others, living there for about 6 months, made to live the way of the Christian Church, to get the Native crushed out of them..

One day Jack and John were sent to retrieve a cow and calf from down the paddock, and when doing so, my great grand dad was bent over picking the calf from the ground, when the cow came up and horned him up the arse tearing him open. vHis twin I'm sure would have been rooling around the ground laughing his head off.  With a bleeding arse, and no cow, they arrived home only to receive a flogging from their astained father figure for not bringing the cow and calf home.
Lakota warriors on horseback.

Sitting Bull

mass Lakota grave at Wounded Knee

Jack and John

the brothers after Wounded Knee 1890

That was it, the last time that man raised his hand to Jack and John.   My great grand father, official name John Woollard, packed his pack and left camp, left the Reservation, abandoning his life, his family, he headed back to Canada, following the same path the tribe had used to get to Pine Ridge.

That night he stopped to set up camp near a creek, while filling his water bottle he heard someone following him, tracking so to speak.  It was his twin brother, breaking nearly every branch on the track as he walked.  He had decided to flee the abuse also.
(So we have one twin that has abandoned camp and the other twin fled soon after him.   I don't know their Sioux names, but I know that your Native name is given to you by your mother or grand mother and is in line with your actions going through adolesance into manhood.

A brief note about me:   my name, Tateo Tahin ( Wind in His Hair ) was given by my mother after me complaining about my long hair being knotty after riding my motorbike, wind in his hair, very funny Mum, thankyou.  My sister's name is  "Hair in Her Face", she was on the back.

So I'm just saying that John and Jack could have been given the native names of "Abandoned One and Fled With" due to their actions that day after the flogging they received for not bringing the cow and calf home.  This is just my opinion, I have nothing but what is written here to back this.   So, they camped at the creek, most likely up stream from the wounded knee site that night and continued on the next morning.

At the same time over on the coast, also traveling to Canada, was the famous 'Black' English boxer Peter Jackson, he had spent sometime in Australia boxing before heading to America.

Peter Jackson is famous for beating nearly every man that held a boxing title in the late 1800's, here in Australia and in America and in England.  He himself, though, never held a winning title belt, because no "White" fighter would fight him for their belt/title.  His longest fight, bare knuckles was 5 1/2 hrs, ouch.  He won but again no title belt was put up. He is also famous for the term and act of Shadow Boxing oh and his anti racism actions
He boxed his way up the coast fighting exibition shows to sell out crowds, they all wanted to see the "Black Man" win, oh yeah and the blood
At some stage the twins crossed paths with Mr Peter Jackson, here's my take on what happens:
The boys have made their way back over the boarder into Canada living off what they could hunt, plants and berries. (I say this cause one thing that has come up repeatedly in my research is how honest John was, he never stole, hated stealing, so they must have survived off the land.)

In Canada they went to Sitka, a coastal port, there they hid away on a boat called the "Junee", the same boat Peter Jackson was traveling to Australia on.  It left port 23rd September 1891 . Part way during the trip or near the end, the boys were found most likely green with sea sickness, but found, dragged up on deck and flogged.

"Stop" yelled a strong loud voice as the crew were about to throw the native boys overboard.  "They're with me" said Peter Jackson, asserting his control, as he stepped between the now shaking boys and the confused crew members.  Peter took them on as helpers in his party and they traveled to Australia landing in Brisbane, I believe, in December the same year.

This is where John and Jack, not wanting to be caught by the U.S army and taken back to the Pine Ridge Reservation, decided to separate, John getting off here in Brisbane, Australia (along with most of the rats that were on board the ship) and Jack the next port on down the coast a little ways, which ended up being in New Zealand.  Haha.  Interesting note, after leaving New Zealand traveling to the next port the boat sank, you should always look at native language/acts, in this case the rats..
So thats how my Great grand father came to Australia, my guess taking the last name Woollard as he was leaving the boat.

Woollard could be his father's name, this would most likely be the case if his mother had had an affair with an officer, but in the time, the late 1800's my guess is the other, his mother was raped and his English name is a name given to him on the ship with an English word to finish... John/Jack Woollard
From there he traveled with Peter Jackson down through the Australian gold fields at the hight of the gold rush, entertaining the crowds to Melbourne and back with the Fitzgerald Circus.  Then onto England for a bit and back to Australia...  all with Peter Jackson.

He experienced opium dens in England, with street fighting;  the gold rush riots in Australia and outright massacres in his Native lands. 

He had seen it all