Wild Feather Flutes

Native American Inspired Flutes

My Story

Born in 1970 I grew up think something was wrong in the world.   'Could see at a young age school was just preparing
us for the work force, so I took all the creative lessons I could, finding music in high school playing guitar badly, after
failing their test. Yes that's right I failed music in highschool, good marks for practical, bad marks for written.   So, from
that I got that I'm a hands-on learner and that can't write for sh_t.   I can work with that though, lol.   'Got a job in sales.

At the age of about 17-18, depressed about what life had to offer, yeah I've been to that dark place in my life a few times, I was sitting on the bonnet of my car this night down by the river at my favourite fishing hole contemplating life, when everything around started to shimmer crystal clear white light.  It wasn't a mist I've seen that this was something else.   So, I tried to align myself to it.   I centered myself and felt it's energy only to feel I was the energy, it was me.

My eyes shot open to see nature for what it really is, every cell/atom was vibrating with this
pure white energy, trees, rocks, water, the air, me, my car, everything was the same, ONE.
I looked up my senses drawn out of my body and into the vastness of space, the stars a blur in my vision as they speed past.  Then I had the most beautiful overwhelming feeling of love.  I say "Love" because this is the closest word to explain it so us humans get it.  This was so much more, this was every happy moment in our life happening right now, in this one moment, overwhelming.  When I came too, hours later, I was still sitting on the bonnet, my face was wet wtih tears, but  everything was till glowing.  I was still connected.  And now I had the knowledge of that connection.   I knew, finally, that I was different,
so I sought out like minded people.
A few jobs/years later I saw this band "Circle of Fate" and I'm like, I want to play guitar for real, so I asked the lead guitarist that night for lessons and 3 months later mid 1991, I was in a band writing rock originals and playing to the locals in our small town, Coolongolook.  From there I played around with a few bands, always trying to fit music to the knowledge of the energy, getting radio play in the late 90's with an alternate band Canopy the songs were 'Babe', and 'City Girl'. After that last experience the band "Left-hand Threat", where I met Dan the drummer.  We clicked straight up and started writing .  You can check out our punk songs at: “jjj unearthed” on the internet.  Our best song is "Fitt'in In".

So all this time I'm working in hardware sales or teaching 25 guitar students how to play or both.  Oh yeah that's a laugh, I failed music at school, didn't like working 'for the man', so I learned to play guitar and was performing and teaching with in 6 months making my own money.  I was inline with the Energy.

Everything was good in my life, 'had a nice partner and a little girl, Jade, nice home, good friends, when my life turned upside down.  My boss sold the business I was working at and the new owner no longer wanted my employment.  And some other personal stuff.

So I threw everything in and started over.  I moved to a city, cut my hair and got a real job over a thousand dollars a week with real stress.  My then new partner, now ex-wife had to have all this material stuff, she was always trying to keep up with the Jones' that I nicknamed her Mrs. Jones.

I couldn't handle life anymore and being hated, another dark time I walked away from. I got a lift into the city hitchhiking and spent a few nights on the street with some homeless people, the nicest people, one guy bought me some food from MacDonalds. 'Slept in a storm water drain.

Now it wasn't like I had nowhere to go. I just didn't want anything, not to think, not to talk, not to listen.  I just needed to be.  So I spent my time watching people and how much of their lives that they miss.

One day sitting in a park I was watching a young family sitting on a bench who had a little baby boy holding on, trying to stand up.  His Dad went to the car to get something.  His Mum was looking at something else and the little one let's go of the bench and stumbles his first 6 steps across to the next bench, his little face filled with excitement as he looked up at me.  I got up to leave when the Dad came back saying "how'd he get over there?"  I said as I walked behind them, "he walked".   I'm sure they spent hours trying to get him walking on video, but hey, they missed it.

Time to wake up, people.

I too knew it was time to walk.  So I started hitch hiking again.  I was picked up by Father John a spiritual man who helps with homeless people, how ironic.

I knew as soon as I sat down with him I need to reconnect, I had lost my spiritual connection in the material world. I talked, Father John listened and like any good listener, he let me get to my own conclusions, letting me know I was heading in the right direction. I was heading home to my country.

With in a few days I had caught up with Dan, after 4 or 5 years it was like yesterday, Dan hadn't changed he still was still himself and I was still his hippie mate.  A few months later, out of the blue, Dan has an awakening, like me, he feels the 'Oneness'.  So he starts looking into the alternate world and comes across Tolec and the Andromenda Council  on YouTube, so off he goes to America to see this guy Tolec's seminar and loves it that much they become friends.  And Tolec comes to Australia.

Well I have to meet him, this Tolec, and his friend Adona, a seer.  At our meeting Adona asked me about all the Native American tribesmen that were standing behind me. And that they were asking, “...where was my flute.”  Now I knew about the Indians that stand behind me, every seer or card reader I'd been to has asked the same question, apparently there is so many they fill the room and more outside.  I've known of my Native American connection from childhood, you only have to look at my Mum, but I didn't know about the Flutes.

So me being me, I looked into it on the internet and found Blue Bear Flutes on YouTube .  This Blue Bear flute maker, a Lakota/Ojibwae man by the name of Charlie, he showed me how he did it.

So I had a go at it.  I had no money and no power tools, no wood and no idea.   But, I can do this, I thought.  I looked around and saw
nature. There was flute wood everywhere calling to me.  I pick up a few branches grabbed a handsaw and started cutting them
down the middle, that was the easy bit, now to hollow them out.

Charlie, he uses a router, mmm I had a chisle.  Hours and hours later I had the two half's done and glued back together.  I made the
burning tool to burn the sound mechanism and burnt it made a bird with 2 feathers sat it on top, put the flute to my lips and blew. 
'Bugger me dead, the thing worked and sounded beautiful.

I'd done it.  I put holes in it and tuned it to F# minor 432hz the Earth healing tone.  Now all of this just happened, the whole time I
was focused on being with one and the one energy, letting it guild my hands.  It works.

This is how I make my flutes now.  I let nature around me tell me which branches from what trees, how to carve them and they tell
me what key they want to be.

An 'out there' concept, I know.   But so are my flutes.

Have a look, some of them are as messed up as me.  But yet, they still sing their beautiful light. 

Light, energy and sound are all vibrations.   So are we.

So, just be.  Nature does it every day.

click on the above image & hear him play ~ OwapiWapiya